If you're a woman in business, you can remain true to you and sell with ease and grace, to clients you love working with, shame and hustle free!

Shift into the new sales paradigm with this FREE 3 part training series designed specifically for women who sell their work.

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Training Video 1 

Whats your highest potential work RIGHT NOW?

Give yourself 10 minutes and a comfy seat as I guide you through a visioning process to change your perceptions and paradigms around what you offer and blow the possibilities RIGHT OPEN!

Training Video 2 

Whats your highest potential


Suspend your disbelief around all the conditioning and BS that we normally buy into and instead listen to what your own inner voice has to say about your prices.

Training Video 3

Who is your soul client?

Suspend your disbelief just a little longer to allow your SOUL CLIENT to drop in for you now.

Hi I'm Tori Crewes, Business Strategist & High End Sales Specialist. I work with women to show them how to embrace their unique talents and passion to create high end sales without using any "old school" sleazy sales techniques.

When you sell from a place that is soul driven and provides your clients with the best possible outcome, it becomes a joy to do business and a win/win for everyone.

How I care for my energy as a sensitive, intuitive introvert in business.

Whilst it’s true that I love to speak and I’m not afraid to get on camera, the truth is I recharge ALONE. I am NOT someone who can work 60 hours a week and then go and drink margaritas with the girls. Never have been.

How to bring grace to selling so you LOVE it!

It can be hard to bring grace to your sales process when you’ve got baggage about money and ‘rich’ people being evil!  I should know, that was me!  Logically we know it’s untrue, but as soon as a sales conversation starts, you can’t pretend its not there.  

Why some women struggle to sell high end... or sell at all!

Until very recently, little girls were not naturally taught how to be vocal and clear about the amazing things they could do. At least not when I was growing up. Don’t get me wrong, my parents were always very generous with praise, but there were silent variations in the type of praise delivered by society for boys and girls and what was considered praise worthy.

Do you struggle to commit to a niche because you don’t want to exclude people?

So let's say you have an online service based business and your work is transformational. Essentially you could really help anyone, right? Well what niching asks you to do, is to speak only to a specific group of people.