Tori is my first ever 1-on-1 biz coach who told me from day one of our consultation to charge thousands more for my work, to which I awkwardly chuckled and thought “uh huh, yeah okay". This week (actually it happened in 1 day), I made $10k doing just that, because the moment I told her all about what I do, she believed in me and the highly valuable transformations I provide. 

Tori, she gives insanely good strategy AND amazing emotional and energetic support.

We still have 1 session left in our package so I’ve already made 7x more than what I invested and we’re not even done yet! 

Honestly, if you’ve been thinking about working with Tori, your intuition is prob just the same as mine felt when I first chatted with her. Feeling a hell yes but scared to shit at the same time... it’ll be the best thing that happened to your biz. Take the leap already, it’s more than worth it!!!

Orit Krug
Dance Movement Therapist

Victoria has been an AMAZING help to my business. I'm working with her through her mastermind group regarding Potency. She's helped me clarify my message, my offers, my outcomes and HOW I'm running my business. The group dynamic has been powerful, but my 1:1 session with her was like the cherry on top. I've been busy reworking my message and website since then. ANY session with her is well worth your time!!!

Sarah Hocking
Sarah Hocking Alchemy

I can't say enough about how valuable working with Tori has been! I began my business in earnest at the start of 2016 and things were cruising along just fine, a good number of regular clients, feeling like it was ok - but kind of just ok. Like I didn't really know how to take it to the next level.

From our first session I felt really comfortable, cared for and supported. She just instantly seemed to get it, we worked in our first session around marketing, and that sometimes little bit slimy feeling it can have.  I don't know how but something in my mindset really shifted during that session, and my approach to marketing my business has dramatically changed in a very positive way! 

I feel like the longer term planning that I needed to do is taking shape, especially around crafting my offerings to my ideal clients and creating a really feel-good marketing strategy. She's like my own personal biz cheerleader! I can't even find words to say how grateful I am. Thanks Tori xx

Mel Hanley
Holistic Therapist

Working with Victoria has helped me relate to my business in a different way. She encouraged me to do something quite different than she would usually recommend her clients to do - because she identified straight away it would work for me and my business. I often feel Victoria energetically with me between our sessions, and as a solopreneur (who lives alone), it's lovely to have her company! 

Victoria's highly attuned and tailors her service to whatever I need at the time. She's exactly the blend of intuition and business acumen she describes herself to be. I feel fully supported by her in exactly the way I need.

Raquel Dubois
Nervous System Coach

Having Tori on my team has been the best decision that I have made for my business this far. She has given me direction, practical advice, helped me with financials, goals, copywriting, mindset, visibility as well as helping me to be realistic about what I can achieve as a mum of 2 young kids.

But the thing that really makes Tori stand out and which I absolutely love about our sessions is the fact that she combines this incredible business strategy advice with intuitive guidance. 

Tori is amazing – a seriously wonderful, generous, bright and shiny person to have on your team – she is an absolute gem xxx

Anna Carson

Between her amazing Webinars and working with Tori for a 1:1 this year, I had no hesitation in signing up for more.

Through her authenticity, downright amazingness and sincerity she offers far more than just getting you on camera. Do yourself a favour and surround yourself with this lady!!

Linda Bonney
Business Lead Nurterer