Can anybody sell high end? - Tori Crewes | High End Sales Specialist
Tori Crewes | High End Sales Specialist
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Can anybody sell high end?

I’m going to give it to you straight up. Not everyone can sell high end. Those who do have nailed certain elements.

The key differences between those who sell high end with ease and those who don’t are:

They are committed to their niche.

If you are resisting niching properly based on who you’re speaking to and who you’re serving specifically, it is IMPOSSIBLE for your message to be compelling enough to move people to MOVE and commit deeply.  The bigger your audience, the less compelling your solution is for that audience. Your solution needs to be seriously compelling and solve a TANGIBLE PROBLEM if people are going to see the value in a significant investment. If you’re not clear on who you’re speaking to (and who you’re excluding!), all of this becomes watered down, general and ‘interesting’ white noise.

They are ALL IN with BOTH their business model and the work.

The Business Model:

You can’t be half in and half out. You can’t sell high end packages and low end sessions at the same time. It simply doesn’t work. People will always go for the cheaper option and then ‘see’ if they want to upgrade later. You cannot sell minutes of your time with one offer and then not do that with the other. Either your business sells your time or it doesn’t.

It takes some people a lot of time to give up the small amounts of income that they were making in order to welcome in a whole lot more and this confuses your audience and can slowly kill a business. It’s understandable to feel afraid (I get it I’ve been there!) You can’t have one foot in each camp and have it work. Make a choice and stick to it.

It took me burning out completely three times in just three years to be so DONE with single sessions that I never looked back because it was genuinely no longer an option for me.  My family had suffered too much for too long! When I was totally DONE and committed to a new way of being and working and more committed to that than my fear, that’s when the new WORKED. 

The Work: 

You cannot expect your clients to commit to you until you have PROVEN that you are committed to them first and that you are the real deal. So you can’t half ass it and command premium prices. YOU need to deeply understand and value the power of the work as separate to any comments you might make about yourself. You need to speak about the power of your work in a way that makes your client feel safe and moved.

They learnt how to sell without shame or sleaze

And this IS a skill that needs to be learned, especially for women. It’s not our fault, but due to the way that history and old programming has created our beliefs and subconscious selling habits, there is some work to do to unravel the shiz that keeps us hiding, wanting to be rescued or feeling weird about the sale. Read more about why some women struggle to sell.

So, as you can see, the common denominator here is commitment. To your niche, to your business model, to proving you are the real deal and to learning how to sell without having to do it the way a man would or feeling shame.

The question now is, are you ready?