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Tori Crewes | High End Sales Specialist
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Client burn out…

I’m not getting enough clients and I’m burning out – what should I do?

A very real problem that I hear all the time is ‘Tori I just can’t get the number of clients through the door that I actually need in order to cover my costs and to take a little bit home.’

First of all, what kind of language is that? ‘take a little bit home’

If you want to build an empire that feeds your family, nourishes you and allows you to live the life you desire, you’re going to need a new approach. A way that allows you to do a lot more than take a little bit home after many hours of output, expertise, space holding and energy.

I would argue that rather than more volume and rather than selling to more people, you should actually focus on changing your offer. An offer that allows you to go deeper, to offer more value, more radical transformation and takes your client so much further than you can in just single sessions or even in a series of sessions. (A bunch of sessions is NOT a package btw).

This allows you to charge a much higher price point and reap the benefits of both doing your deepest work and being paid properly. It also invites your clients to make a deeper commitment, to understand what it actually takes to get where they want to go and to invest appropriately.

A lot of people say ‘If I struggle to sell $150 sessions, I’m absolutely going to struggle to sell a $5k or a $10k package’. That might actually be true if you’re trying to sell both to the exact same person.

But what if you could reposition yourself and sell to a different market at the start where you can charge a higher price point and then from a space of solvency and overflow, you can still serve the original person at the lower price point. It just means you would have systems, automations and possibly some team members in place to allow you to market to and serve even MORE people in that original market, without burning out, without trying to do it all yourself and live off that money.

A lot of people build their businesses from the bottom up. They try to help as many people as possible at the lowest price point possible from the very beginning, thinking that its an easier sell. They then try to scale upwards for their higher end offers and its not sustainable.

A much more sustainable model is to sell from the top and sell high end first and then you can build, serve more people at a lower price point where its more automated, systemised and you can afford to hire people to support your delivery.

It’s much more achievable to do it this way because you will have capital behind you to advertise to reach the volume you need in order to have the right conversion numbers to make the endeavour self sufficient.

But to sell your 1:1 time at that price point is the fastest path to burn out, without having any traction to show for it. You have limited service hours this life, they are exclusive by that very fact.

Start at your highest price point and work your way down. Then you can build a scalable empire, help much more people than you ever could trying to do it all yourself 1:1.

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