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Tori Crewes | High End Sales Specialist
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Lost socks…

Find your soap scum sock issue!

We have a front load washing machine. Every load without fail, a lone sock gets jammed in the bottom of the rubber ring that meets the door. Full of stagnant water and last months soap scum, the sock is now filthier than it’s ever been in its life.  For this reason ALONE, we will never buy another front loader. 

We all have have a soap scum sock issue in our business. Nobody is immune and most of the time we won’t even know what it is.  

And unlike the washing machine, you don’t get the benefit of seeing your client take the filthy soaking sock out with a disgusted grimace and squeeze it into the sink, muttering under her breath to never work with you again.  

So, how will you ever know what your soap scum sock issue is?You need to ASK. AND you need to be approachable and non-attached enough to not be totally awks when you find out what your soap scum sock is.  Or feel the need to explain and justify ‘why’ it is that way.  Or tell them it’s not an important part of what you do. It was an important part of their experience. Don’t defend anything. “It’s usually only the kids socks, they’re so small you see” your washing machine would respond if it could. Maybe through a  too-wide smile and clenched teeth, or with a laugh that’s a little too loud and too long.

Don’t be an awkward washing machine. Find out what your soap scum sock issue is. (If you think you don’t have one you DEFINITELY have one). Be CEO enough to fix it. And always REWARD those clients who help you to find it. x