Retainers: ticket to freedom or TRAP? - Tori Crewes | High End Sales Specialist
Tori Crewes | High End Sales Specialist
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Retainers: ticket to freedom or TRAP?

Perhaps you have clients on a retainer.

It seemed like a great idea at the time to sell them 20 hours of work per month for a set fee, ongoing.  

But now your time is maxed out and your income is capped.. Gah! 

It’s time to restructure, my friend. But before you do that,  you need to learn how to PACKAGE up your genius so that you don’t face this problem again.  

It’s time you learn how to command the big bucks without trading in your ethics or becoming a used car salesman.   

The art of packaging allows you to facilitate much greater outcomes than you ever could on an hourly retainer, which is only TASK focused. 

Focusing solely on tasks completed in a certain timeframe drastically devalues your work and the impact it has on your clients business. It also PUNISHES you for being efficient.  

You need to stop selling your TIME.  

So what do you sell instead?

  1. The transformational power of your work. Regardless of whether you’re a shaman or an online content strategist, your work makes transformation possible for your client. You might facilitate it directly, or your might free up your clients time to do the things they really want to do so that they can become who they want to become. Get it? If you have a service, there is transformation involved. Tap into that.
  2. The OUTCOMES of working with you. You REALLY need to spell it out for your clients in black and white. You can’t assume that your clients will understand what outcomes are possible for them from working with you. You need to say it over and over again a million different ways and give us examples and proof. Shying away from this will keep your income shying away from you. 
  3. The BENEFITS of the transformation and outcomes.What are the flow on effects? Does reduced stress mean they don’t give up on their dream? Does resolving their trauma allow them to save their marriage? Again, you need to spell this out for us. Inferring is not enough.

When you sell these three things instead of your TIME, you give yourself the power to uncap your income, free yourself from a job and build an empire. 

But you do need to learn how to package and sell it with ease if you’re not going to slip back into the old paradigm.

If you’re so DONE with the old way and ready to shift into CEO mode, High End Sales Mastery might be for you.

When you are SUPER clear on your scope and you have the right strategies in place,  the pathway to uncapped income appears.

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