The service marketing rollercoaster... - Tori Crewes | High End Sales Specialist
Tori Crewes | High End Sales Specialist
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The service marketing rollercoaster…

A real problem that a lot of people come to me with is  that they don’t have enough time to serve their clients to maximise their delivery AND time to market their business, to keep those clients coming in, to keep paying the bills.

If this is happening for you, you will have an intense period of marketing where you onboard a lot of new clients. Then you’ll have an intense spurt of delivery, where you’ve stopped marketing so you can honour your promises.

BUT then you finish up with those clients and you’re stressing because now you have no clients! So you go and intensely market again, onboard new clients and the cycle continues.

This is not the only pattern, the other pattern is financial. The money that you earned from the clients that you’re delivering for today, was spent paying last month’s bills.

So there’s a constant feeling of pressure, of having to chase the dollar and hustle to get new people in the door. And there is nothing less attractive to a client than pressure!

The next step is running a flash sale or doing a fast money challenge to change the cycle, when all it does is add rocket fuel to it!

A small cash injection is great in the short-term, but not if it’s going to take you two months to deliver and this is a cycle you’ve been on for months or even years.

Its exhausting and results in burn out. It’s not a sustainable business model, and it means that there are some problems with how you’re running your business.

One of the issues may be that there are not enough systems in place for you to market your business automatically. Perhaps you don’t have a sales funnel and an advertising budget to drive traffic. This is what allows you to attract new leads and nurture them, so they’re ripe for conversion when you have space for new bookings.

Another issue is charging per hour. This means your income is capped once you reach service capacity. And if you’re not charging enough, then you don’t have the capital you need to grow. (I see this aaaaaaall the time!)

If you’re lucky enough to build a wait list, leads tend to go cold or go elsewhere without a relationship development strategy. So in that way, you end up penalizing yourself for being really good at what you do, and being booked up!

Another key issue is under-charging overall. If you get to a place where you’re fully booked but then you stop marketing and the numbers dwindle, chances are you actually haven’t charged enough to start with.

Charging higher prices allows you to pay to play, to put some money into advertising and set up that automated funnel I mentioned, which will allow you to generate more leads on auto-pilot. Then you don’t have to be physically out there doing that all the time.

‘But I can’t charge more or people won’t buy’ I hear you say. If that’s the case, chances are you haven’t learned how to package or sell your work in a way that allows you to sell more than small units of your time.

So my suggestion is that you review your offers and pricepoints.

You need a really sound offer that you are happy to sell ongoing, that is going to bring in the highest revenue, allow you to do your highest potential work (getting the best results with  your clients) AND nourish you and your business.

If you are selling minutes of your time, saying ‘buy a session with me and we’ll achieve this tiny little step’ rather than speaking about the HUGE step and a radical transformation that you could facilitate with a more committed process, you are doing everyone a disservice.

Chances are you could be making a ton more money, just from the clients who are already selling to now.

People say to me “Tori, struggle to sell $150 sessions. How am I ever going to sell a 2K or a 10K offer?”

The answer is that you need to learn how and that’s why I’m delivering my next free training, High End Sales 101.

You will gain clarity around what it really takes to sell high end and how to shift your paradigm from struggling to sell $100 sessions to selling a 5 figure packages with ease and grace.

It is absolutely possible for you, it simply requires nailing a few key things. I can’t wait to see you there!